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Their love life is often tumultuous.

They are attracted to glamorous types who mirror their own dark side. People born on January 22 may distance themselves from childhood if it represents values they no longer espouse, yet they look back on that time with gratitude and affection.

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Whether or not they become parents, they tend to be involved with children. January 22 people have unique ideas about keeping healthy. They need to be more selective about their health maintenance. Where exercise is concerned, they have a tendency to overdo or ignore it.

Because the aspirations of people born on January 22 are generally artistic in nature, these talented men and women are usually able to console themselves with the knowledge that their side work is important. Money is often a critical factor in their lives, especially early. They have potential for making money once their talents are recognized. The ability to make a living from artistic endeavors is the goal of people born on January They may spend years developing their talents, and they always believe in themselves, even if few others do.

Aries is, by definition, intense, and she wants someone to appreciate that intensity in her. Gemini can be very affectionate if she's having fun with you , but if there's no "click" chances are pretty good she's looking for someone else to get close to. In reality, Gemini just wants to have a good time and she doesn't really care who it's with.

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She's always looking for the next best thing, so unless you're keeping her interested, she'll take her affection elsewhere. For Gemini, being affectionate means letting your guard down, which Gemini isn't always great at. She likes the chase, not the catch, and she likes being flirty, but when the other person starts to return that affection, she gets scared off. It might be too close for comfort to let herself be vulnerable, so she opts for more casual encounters rather than serious romance.

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Sagittarius isn't afraid to be affectionate at times, but only if the parties involved know that she's just being flirty and not actually serious. Sagittarius sometimes feels like she has a reputation to uphold, which usually includes making sure everyone knows that she's happy being untethered and single. Sagittarius will keep flirting and being playful with you up until the point she decides that you're getting too attached.

She is very anti-commitment, which means if you show even the slightest interest in something more, the game is over and she's gone. She doesn't care about looking flaky as long as it means she gets to keep being known as the one no one can lock down.

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Leo can be very warm-hearted and open to the affection of others, but when it comes to being affectionate herself, it doesn't really ever happen the way she wants. She might have an idea of the kind of love and affection she wants to show her partners, but actually putting it into practice isn't always easy for her. Leo tends to be pretty cold and arrogant when things don't go her way.

She doesn't like hearing the word "no" and when she puts herself out there and gets rejected, it's hard for her to find the courage to try again.

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Being affectionate means being vulnerable, which is something Leo seriously needs to work on if she wants to find love. Capricorn might be one of the zodiac signs most likely to be in a long-term relationship, but affection is not something she's naturally drawn to.

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She tends to have a lot of self-control, which means that just because she has feelings for you doesn't mean she's going to show them all the time. She tries to take a more practical approach to her emotions, which only makes her seem cold, not smart. To Capricorn, showing affection is better done in private and even then, done very carefully. She protects her heart and she really only wants people she can trust completely to see how loving she can be.

But whether you've been dating her for a few months or a lot of years, she still isn't one to be overly affectionate; it's just not her. Aquarius tends to run from emotional expression, which means that anything that even remotely feels like letting her guard down and talking about her feelings is an absolute no-go. She tends to focus more on herself and her own goals in life, rather than trying to make room for someone else in her life.

Aquarius is one of the most detached, guarded signs. She tends to keep her true feelings under lock and key unless she knows for a fact that you won't mock her or make her feel weird for the kind of person she is. She would much rather keep people at arm's length until she can trust you completely, rather than run the risk of looking desperate because she wants to show affection.

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