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Ruler: Venus. Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries , Sagittarius. Weaknesses : Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity. Libra likes : Harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, the outdoors. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and you who are born under this sign are just in your actions and in your outlook. You are harmonious and happy people.

Gifted with strong artistic ability, you are generous but not stupidly so. You are a friendly type of person whom people like to meet and you can make good intermediaries, for you are able to see both sides of an argument and give a completely neutral answer by making fair comparisons. Your disposition is somewhat demonstrative, for you attract your full share of affection and want to be in the limelight. Because of your desire for affection you do at times seem to lack just that necessary amount of toughness when it is needed. You will work quite enthusiastically with the right encouragement and drive.

You are very intuitive people and are not easily fooled by deception. Deceit is the one thing you can rarely forgive and forget and if anyone does deceive you he or she is your enemy for life. On the other hand, you will face extreme danger for those you really love. So, try not to allow other issues to hold you back. There comes a time when what needs to be done, needs to be done, end of story. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, the important thing is to stay in the game. Keep on moving forward and trust in the good of the majority.

There is more to some things than is first seen , on the surface, so we need to seek beyond. However, if it serves no purpose, let go. Even if the package does not fit the precise need, does not make it wrong. There are times when we need to work with the options and compromise, in order to get a result. Not every decision is clear cut, it will take time to sort through the possibilities and options. Try not to rush into a decision, there could be some minefields that require careful negation. Take everything one step at a time and re-check every available option.

Sometimes we make choices to please others, however, at this time, that will only rock the boat in another direction. Stay calm and positive and allow the answers to appear. They may come from extremely unexpected areas. Be prepared to wait, research and listen. An unexpected connection brings hope and understanding to a difficult situation.

Relax, for the moment everything may be out of your hands, however, change is coming.

It is essential to place your needs first, for a little while. Now comes a time to make solid choices, as to what you want to create, and how you want to live your life. This is not a good time to make emotional decisions, as actions of the heart, may not align with reality of the head. Take a few steps back and review every conceivable issue, real or imagined. Look in depth at what is truly motivating your actions now.

Also may be time to finally have your say. Being upfront, open and sticking to the absolute facts, could be the only way to get your point across. So no more procrastination needed. This is one of those times when the weight of the world sits heavy on your shoulders. Revise and review, what is really relevant and what can be put aside.

What are your options in reality, compared to what you perceive them to be. It could all come down to perception. Decisions, decisions and more decisions, but do they all need to be done right now, probably not. Take time to re-evaluate what you do and do not want in your life, if some have to go, so be it. There is no way to burn the candle both ends and in the middle. You need to make choices. Just when it feels like things cannot continue any longer, bang, it all changes and flows at the speed of light. It could appear a tad surreal for a while, as things simply slot into place.

Speaking your mind may not solve any issues, but it sure is going to make you feel a lot better. Try not to put things off, it could be better being upfront and dealing with issues, head on. What is not your stuff, walk away from, honestly and firmly. Try not to get drawn into an agreement that does not suit your purpose, in the long run. While it is fine to shuffle things in the short term, you need to keep your eye on the long term outcome.

Be bold, take a deep breath and jump in, boots and all. Choices may not be all they appear to be right now, however, you really do need to deal with some issues. What appears to be straight forward, could in fact be incredibly complex. Be prepared to tie up all the loose ends, and create a plan to move forward. Stepping outside the normal routine, may in fact allow you to see a different perspective.

Where do you really want to be? How do you want to live your life? There comes a time when you need to ask and deal with the tough questions. Preparations for change appear to be happening around you, regardless of what you decide. Now is the time to make yourself heard, and understood. Try to stay calm. Taking time to get things sorted and organized, pays off in the long run. Yes, a few issues may be inconvenient and difficult, however, they need to be done. A course of action needs to be set in place and followed through. Do not allow time wasters to get in the way.

Be absolutely certain of what you want, before, committing to a course of action. Remember not all things are that easy to switch back. So take on board whatever advice is needed, and try to reduce the emotional input. Emotion will only cloud the issue and resuld. Taking a step on the wild side, while totally out of character, could open up huge new opportunities and friendships. Taking time to explore new venues and ideas can be exciting. There comes a time when hibernation feels like a great option. But can you actually get away with it? If you are able to take a few days to assess situations, do so.

Steady, forward steps, one thing at a time. Time to decide, what do you really want, and make some headway to make it happen. Sitting back waiting will achieve nothing, but frustration. Get motivated, get yourself out there and push forward. Full steam ahead, things appear to have taken on a life of their own, and in a very straightforward positive manner. Be a little gentle with yourself, there is time to resume direction, soon enough.

An old friend may have some solutions, listen and learn. Decisions need to be made and followed through, otherwise nothing will get done. Take some down time to make plans and have a break. Try not to get caught up in a drama that really does not exist, except in some ones head.

Stand back and let them sort it out. Taking a step back to center and refocus, could shed light on the way forward. Remember sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel, may not be directly ahead. Accepting, some twists turns and re-routing may open a new direction. Step back a little, your falling in love, is all around you right now. However, understand, love comes in many shapes and forms, being open is the way to go. Sometimes, by taking that little step back, you extend your vision, and see so much more.

Everything may appear to be lining up against you right now, however it is all about perspective. What you see and others see, may be completely different, solutions can only be found, by cooperation and understanding. Things need to be talked about and decided. Taking a chance, while a tad on the scary side, could open up whole new directions, and show you a different perspective.

Step outside the normal routine, be daring , put it out there. It could be you have held your tongue for long enough, and now it is time to speak up.

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Or, alternatively stay silent and go along with the accepted situation. Either way, time is running short, decide. Plans need to be consolidated and set in stone, before you miss the boat , so to speak. Taking a step away from the expectations of others is fantastic, as long as you take care not to step on toes. Trust in your own ability is essential now, however, so is delegating. What is on the surface, is not necessarily the whole of the story, you may need to take a massive leap of faith and trust.

Understandably you may not be comfortable releasing control, but, are there many options?. Not really, security is essential in all things. Taking a step outside the normal, may be a bit confronting , challenging and enlightening. There comes a time when you simply, gotta , take a leap of faith and hang on for dear life. Emotions are a tad raw with some, so tread gently, but be firm. Re-wind, re-focus, re-new, a few issues may feel like not only have they gotten out of hand, they have completely lost the plot.

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Breath , breath and if possible, hide. This could be one of those times when it is best to do your own thing, quietly, in your own time and space. Excitement is contagious, so be sure to join in and have fun. If changes are needed, go for it. This is no time to allow anyone to stand in your way. Everyone needs a time of stillness, at one time or another, this is yours. Even though you may be impatient and rearing to go, hold back.

The time to surge forward, is not now, patience needs to be your best friend. Enjoy the down time to catch up on outstanding bits and pieces. Because you can, does not necessarily mean you should. There may be more to be gained by holding back awhile. All things will come to a reckoning, when the time is right. Preempting issues could allow a few things to come unstuck. Take it slowly and be certain. Take a breath, think things through, and get on with what needs to be done. Not every supposed mishap is a mistake, some light the way to new understandings. Taking advantage of situations may not be a bad thing right now.

By utilizing everything that is on offer, there may be unexpected advantages. Looking back, is not going to solve anything right now , time to move forward. Letting answers come to you is the only way. Decisions may need to be made on the run, so to speak. Everything else can and will be sorted out in good time. If push comes to shove, something will have to go, but that will be your choice. Looking backwards, could see you sticking with old realities, it is time to sweep things out and re-build. Not every cloud has or had a silver lining, to bad, to sad. However, done is done, time to move forward.

Be open to new ideas, and change, change can be great. Some days we win, some days we lose, it is what it is. There are decisions that will not wait, and not a great deal of options. Planning and re- affirming is the way to go. What works for you may not suit everyone, so, a compromise must be reached.

This is a time to focus on that which involves your personal direction. Allowing others to sway or persuade you in other directions, will be a major setback. Be clear, precise and stand firm. Try not to allow fear of what may or may not occur, rule at the moment. Take things one step at a time and do the best you can. If you need to ask for help, so be it. Resting and caring for yourself is not the end of the world, it is an absolute necessity, so get on with it. Will I?

If you are unable to make a decision, walk away and sort it later. There are times , when we seriously are simply not in the head space to deal, and, so need to step back and chill. Stepping aside and letting others do their thing is the only way right now. Challenges come in many shapes and packages, so try and stay calm right now. It may seem difficult to pin others down, but keep pushing, until you have a firm commitment.

Release expectations and be open to new ideas and suggestions, it could change the game. Pushing against the odds, will resolve nothing, and may in fact delay a process. It may not be all going according to your plan right now, however, it could be a better alternative. By sitting back now, you will allow a greater option to surface. Laying everything on the table, could cause a few hiccups, however it is the only way to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Take time out to simply have some fun, it is necessary and been a long time coming. Try not to let the past encroach on what you do now. Put on a happy face and just get on with things. Stressing about what if, maybe, is basically not going to change a thing. Deciding to make the best of what you have is the only way forward.

Stretching out a helping hand, could have far reaching consequences , but mostly in a good way. It is time to move forward, take a chance and go for it. The very act of doing something different, opens new doorways for friendship and starting over. A little time alone to process, is great. Cutting everyone out is a catalyst for future drama. Reaching out may not be easy, but a load shared, is a load lightened. Things are what they are,. If you are living as someone else dictates, you are not living your true path.

Yes, it may be convenient to keep the peace and go along for the ride. But at what cost? Facing a stark reality, may not exactly float your boat, but it is what it is. The time has come to make firm decisions, and set a path in motion. Be prepared for unexpected issues to crop up, and from the most unexpected area. Stay strong and stand your ground for what is right. This is a time to cut to the chase, and get everything out in the open. What seems easy, may not be acceptable.

It may be time to put the past to rest in some way, and allow yourself to be in a place of peace. Re-hashing things may not show you a different way , because it is done. Take heart and plan something so that you can move forward. Be aware love is in strange packages. While you may not be in a position to move forward, right now, it is not to early to plan. To open up doors to possibilities, and explore some options. In doing so, you could just discover exactly what you need. Grab opportunities with both hands, they may not come again.

Learning and accepting what you can and cannot influence is a great step in the right direction. Resolve and move on, seems to be the only way forward. By holding things to yourself , allows dissention and misunderstandings. Got something on your mind, spit it out and talk it through. You, actually could be surprised. This is the time to put it all on the table and go forward. Attempting to push things forward, may in fact cause delays. Try not to over estimate your strengths and what you are capable of.

Better go slow, than fall on your face, and have to re-group. While not really great options, at least you will be able to move on. An offer, while a bit out there, needs consideration. Over thinking things could lead to confusion and misunderstandings, so, simplify, relax and allow. All things have a natural flow and will take care of itself, if allowed the space to do so. Reaching for the stars is no bad thing, in fact it is possibly the only way right now. Trust in who you are inside, and be prepared to get things moving.

Take a step, any step, it is all in getting moving and opening space for things to happen. Release and let go, there are some things people have to do for themselves. You can only be the prop to a certain level. Stepping back is a good way to put distance between issues, that do not need to be sorted right now. Smile, though you heart is breaking, words from an old song, which speaks to you at this time. Gather your strength and keep right on going, either because you can, or because you have no choice.

Either way things will resolve and re-balance in a new format. Are you being pushed into a choice that is not entirely comfortable. It is time to re-assess and re-design a plan of direction. Stepping on a few toes, may be the least of your concerns, so take a leap of faith, and have your say. Open, honest communication, is best. Clarity is the only way forward, clear, precise communication. If you are uncertain or unclear, there is no way for others to follow. Make solid decisions as to what and how you what to proceed. And stick with a plan. Put on a happy face, and get on with things, a bit like fake it till you make it.

There is nothing you can do to alter the present situation, however you can choose how you react to it. Carrying on as usual is the best way to allow others to cope and reset their situation. Procrastination is not your best friend, make a decision already. Any move forward is just that a move forward, and not a life choice set in stone.

Understanding choices need to be made for the now, and you do have future options, is the way to go. Steady, steady. Put on your dancing shoes, and be open to new experiences. The return to humdrum will come soon enough, so for a short while, enjoy. An unexpected offer, could be intriguing, however, be sure to check the fine print. It may not be all it appears to be.

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Take control of what you want, for yourself. Be totally open in what you want, and expect, and accept nothing less. Compromise will only work if both parties put in the time and effort. Trust all is well and things will be what they need to be. A revolutionary way of thinking could seem a tad left of center, but, it may be worth consideration.

Give everything time to process, before coming to conclusions. There are times when a reality check is a definite, and there can be no putting it off. If something is causing you issues, face it head on, and get it sorted. The time of standing back is done and dusted. Make your choices known. If you feel your decisions are maybe a tad unfair to others, then deal with it.

Take the bull by the horns and change it. While reaching out maybe something you are not great at, there comes a time when it is essential. Allowing others to assist and guide, should not be perceived as a weakness. It is the beginning of a great process, if you will but allow it. Secrets are not much use at this time, it is better to be open to what you need and allow.

If everyone holds back their thoughts and ideas, confusion, could cause a few misunderstandings. Take a chance and trust yourself to share your feelings and emotions. Understanding all things pass, may not exactly be helpful, however it may be of comfort to those around you.

Also it is not necessary for you to always be the strong one, strength comes in many forms. It may become necessary to clarify your situation, state openly and honestly, what you want and need. Yes, it could rock a few boats, however , it could provide a creative answer. A fresh pair of eyes, could offer a new perception and view of the future direction. Sit back, and allow situations to evolve and grow in there own time. There is no need to rush things at this point. However, it is essential to set realistic goals, and work steadily towards them. Treat challenges as opportunities, and allow you imagination free reign.

Frustration, could be your middle name, however, there are times when there is absolutely no clear direction. Being held in a state of immerser , while not a good look, can be turned inward to examine, your inner thoughts and intentions. Stay calm, still and centred. Something feels to shift in the coming weeks and a huge weight is lifted.

If there is something on your mind, just get it out there. That way at least you may get an answer. Doubts and concerns need to be voiced, and if possible addressed and resolved. Accept, however, there are times, when all you can do is listen. And occasionally that is all that may be required. Take a chance on a new idea, and get out and be open to new experiences.

Because someone has a dream, it may not be yours, and you need to sort that. Honesty is the only available option, and you may be surprised. However, this is your journey, your choices, try not to be railroaded into a corner. Things may come and things may go, however, friendships can be forever. It is imperative at this time that you consolidate friendships and reach out. There are opportunities to re-connect and move forward. Being prepared for surprises is only part of the journey, allowing things to do their own thing, the rest of the trip.

Releasing the need to control every part of a situation, allows other ideas to take place. And you may actually prefer the alternative on offer. Sometimes it may be difficult not to allow sadness to overwhelm us, but it is essential to try. Take everything, one step at a time. Take care of the small stuff, and simply do what you can. There are some things, only you can deal with, so just do it. The past may be the past, however there are times when it encroaches on the present, and needs to be owned and dealt with.

While not all experiences are pleasant, each is a pattern of learning, that has brought you to the here and now. You need to decide, what to change. Things take a very unexpected turn, and it may be necessary to re-adjust plans. Taking care of what is primarily important, is essential, and what needs to be on the back burner, can wait. In fact the wait, reveals another direction to move forward. Be careful with your words. While it is essential to take care of business, try to stay in touch with the day to day realities and make time for family and friends. A new direction or idea, may need careful discussion, make sure everything is upfront and on the table.

Then go for it. There comes a time when it is essential to do absolutely nothing. Allow yourself to go through whatever is needed, and take time to nurture yourself. The needs of others while important, need to be let go, for a short while. If help is needed, ask. An unpleasant surprise may turn out to be a hidden blessing. Try not to react to issues, give them time to sit, so that you get a clear understanding of what is on offer. Taking time for yourself is essential, and important. So try not to buy into the blame game of others. Opportunities to reach out and have some fun, are on the horizon, just do it.

There comes a time when we all need to let go and move on, this is your time.


Issues around the career area, will not change, no matter what. So either deal or set a move in place. New horizons, may beckon and ideas flourish, however, common sense needs to prevail. If something looks to good to be true, it probably is. Time for a new way of thinking, and resolution. There are times when we allow others to lean on us, and times we need to do the leaning.

Knowing which is which, could cause you a bit of stress. Taking care of yourself is fantastic, reaching out to others, not so easy. Remember, you need to be taken care of as well. Acknowledging a need and dealing with it, allows you to create a better future. Stand up for what is important in your life, because you need to be in charge.

Exploring new possibilities, allows you to reach out and connect on a deeper level. By allowing things to come to you, rather than rushing out to meet them, you learn more. At this time it is all about being open to all possibilities. Reaching into the past, could point the way forward. It is about taking a chance and getting the ball rolling. Everything has to start somewhere, so you may as well, get on with it. Asking for assistance is a strength, so stop seeing it as weak, and get over yourself. There are times when it is necessary to put things in order of significance.

This is not a time to get caught up in petty quarrels and drama, life is to short. Gather the information, you need and then prioritize the coming few weeks. Change while inevitable, can be up for discussion, nothing need be set in stone at this stage. It is a matter of balance and if need be spreading the load. Sometimes we need help to get, things sorted. And sometimes time alone is an absolute necessity. Things may appear a tad cloudy and uncertain, hang in there, resolution comes from unexpected areas.

There needs to be some clarity and open discussion, so that everyone is on the same page. Take all the time you need, before committing yourself. You may need to stay flexible at this time and just step back and allow things to roll in its own time. Trying to push others, may result in confusion, and altercations.

Take things one step at a time. And try not to over react along the way. Confusion may reign in some areas, while in others clarity is finally seeing the light of day. Take care when making decisions, an awareness that all is not emotionally steady right now, should be your guide. Take care of what you say, somethings may not be taken back. Take advantage of any and all opportunities that present themselves.

Take time to simply enjoy the ride. Getting on with what you can deal with, may bring a ray of clarity to you. Joining a group or new adventure may well be on offer. Think it through , before jumping in the deep end. Mind you it could be fun. Be absolutely clear about what is and is not acceptable and go from there. If things do not suit others, well, that really is not your issue.

Clarity on what you need is essential now. A whole lot of trust may be called for , but it will pay off in the long run. Try not to buy into the whole drama around everything, and stay calm in the centre. Everything will be clear. While changes are inevitable, you do need to take some control of situations. Putting a plan of action in place, is the way to begin. Accepting advice does not mean you are committed to that path of action. Take your time and weight up all the pros and cons. Research and viewing all possible options, is about all you can do at this time. Yes, there are some opposing opinions and they need to be discussed, but, not necessarily taken on board.

The pros and cons, need to be carefully balanced. Not everything needs to be serious and programmed to an inch of its life. Spontaneity is the way to go, and may actually bring a few surprises. You may feel the need to put your needs on the back burner, in favor of someone else. This is not going to work for either party, take time to deal with your stuff , as well as being the support person. What goes around, comes around, so step away from emotional drama. Time is the great leveller, and this will pass.

You need to take care of your own stuff, and put you and yours first right now. Buying into drama will only prolong the situation, to no purpose. So, the tides are turning and ideas are flowing, even is they are not exactly to your liking. Try not to get caught up in what someone else wants, you need to speak up.

Yes, change is inevitable, but you have choices , use them. Standing firm in what you want is one way, allowing yourself to be flexible and see other options, may be the more sensible. Remember, there is always a better way. Although it may appear things are being taken out of your hands, it may be the better option. A new person, could offer some answers. Keep your plans to yourself, until there is a clear way forward. A move may be in the wind, but are you ready, or is it just a thought now. Trust your gut, and do your own thing, your way.

Somethings come with strings attached, be sure of every little detail, before you agree to anything. Take as much time as you need, before making choices, and if it stresses others, to bad to sad. Old friends may surprise you with some very welcome news. A challenge, needs to be cheerfully met, there is more behind it , than first appears. It is a time to jump in with new ideas, and take a chance. This could be a time for miracles, if you allow it. Even though it may feel like things are taken out of your hands, it is in your best interests.

In the coming weeks, the answers will simply present themselves, and you can get on with things. What do you want, it is time to ask the question, and really asses what does and does not work for you. Take a long look at what you want, and research what you need to get it. Talking and sharing ideas, is a great idea. Entitlements need to be explored and if necessary, corrected.

Allowing a situation to continue, may well lead to enabling unacceptable behavior. If that fails, you may need to be more direct. There are some exciting times ahead, so make sure you get into action. Not a time to fence sit or procrastinate, just do it. Get out and join in. Decisions, may not be in your hands, and this could prove to be extremely frustrating. Make sure to be up to date on all things, as your schedule could shift and change with the wind.

There seems to be no way of resolving some situations, so maybe step back a little and re-group. Try not to get overly involved in the politics of it all, every thing will blow over, given a bit of time. Make time to party and catch up with friends. All roads appear to lead to the same place, so you need to do what is best for you, right now. Speaking up may not be easy, in fact, may not be heard, however it is necessary.

Pointing out the reality of a situation, changes the outlook for some. Preparation is the essential thing now, no sense in half doing a project. Taking advice is great, as long as you sift the input, and research the outcomes. Not everything is as it appears, so slowly slowly. When you know where you stand, you can share insights and decisions with others. This is your thing, do it your way. If something or someone feels a bit off, it probably is. Look beneath the surface of ideas and ultimatums to get a clear picture, of what is really happening.

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There comes a time when the only thing you can do, is, lose it. Things need to be taken on board and discrepancies pointed out, you can only do so much. Relax while you can, and plan a holiday or short break. Time out often allows a different perspective to emerge. This is the time to balance and direct what you can and release the rest. If you need help, ask, it really is that easy. Being open to a new way of seeing a situation, could allow huge steps forward. Financial areas, could get an unexpected boost.

Accepting some things and releasing some things is essential now. You can only change your world one step at a time. Everyone and everything else can and will, simply have to wait. Use this time to research future possibilities. Romance and good times are definitely in the wind, so no time to be shy.

Getting out and meeting people is great right now. Ideas flow and some prayers are answered. You may need to make a positive decision around your future. Even though things may appear to be out of control, stay calm, there is clarity coming. Accept that you have done all you can in a situation, and find the strength and courage to move forward. You are stronger than you think.

Sometimes you need to take a step backwards to move forward. Take the time needed to review a situation, and check similarities to the past. Restructure and new direction is clearly needed. Think and plan forward. There are times to state your case and times to step aside, the choice is yours. Whatever you set in motion now, has long standing effects. You may be ready to ride a wave right now, just be sure YOU have control of the ride.

What you put out there, comes back fast. Sometimes it is best to lay low, just step back and let things flow over and around you. This is no time to buy into drama and game playing. Keep your head down. Sometimes it is best to put all your cards on the table, and be totally up front. Ok, there could be a few ruffled feathers, but there is a need to stop dancing around issues, and get on with it. Take the time to correctly review situations, this is not the time for snap judgements, or decisions. Remember all that shines may not be gold, while on the other hand, what are the chances.

Changes may need to be made, and the future given some direct thought. What worked before, may not necessarily be the way forward. Stepping up can be scary, but do you have many choices. Be guided by positive, sensible input. Remember nothing is as bad is it seems. Try not to let differences of opinion, cause a rift, not all things are as bad as they appear.

There may be a need to adjust some arrangements and decisions. Nothing happens without a reason, and you may need to see the positive, behind the obvious. Standing up to someone, while scary is necessary. Take a long look at how to re-organise a few things and if need be chop them out of your life. Pruning relationships may be difficult, however, it can also prove to be extremely productive. Accept a challenge, because you know you can, not because it is an expectation. This could be a time to put on your dancing shoes and celebrate. Try not to let anyone rain on your parade, you deserve the place you have earned.

Take time to make arrangements for the future, a few issues need sorting and a few unexpected things need careful thought. Hints are not working, time to come right out and put some ultimatums in action. You need to clear the air in some way and make sure you are understood. Time out may not be possible , however you do need to take a break where you can.

Starting over, can be exciting or scary, it all depends on your attitude. At this time there may appear to be very few choices, however, a little soul searching will reveal the true path. This is a time to get in touch with your emotions, and explore alternate possibilities. Do you really need the added stress? It may be time to take stock and make some strong changes, that support your wellbeing, rather than do the same old, same old.

Which simply is not effective anyway. Time for a different approach, the old one is broken. There Comes a time, when you simply have to tell it like it is. Skirting around situations, will resolve nothing, time for some straight talking. However, it is all about emotional survival. The choices for now came down to run or face up to situations. A tough position, needs to be handled with care, and tension soothed. It may not be the result you are hoping for, however, what needs to be done is done. Try not to be to hard on yourself, choices are few and tough. This time could be about choosing the next direction, and doing what it takes.

Getting caught up in the politics of situations, resolves nothing, it only adds fuel to the fire. Take care what you do and do not accept as a truth. This is a very shaky time and uncertainty needs to be addressed. If a situation does not feel comfortable, back off. This is also not the time to sign any contracts, or release control of situations. It may feel like everything has been taken out of your hands and there are no options.

This will be fine in the short term, however, guidelines will need to be set in place. This is a time when you appear to be on the outside looking in, relax, things will take their natural course. When everything feels like it has been taken out of your hands, just relax. In a very short while a lot of things will come out into the open, and sanity will prevail. On the bright side a reunion, could surprise and delight you.

Expect the unexpected and be open to explore. Lighten up a little, there is no need to push yourself to the limit. Your efforts are appreciated and seen, just not coming forward as of yet. Patience may not be your strong point, but it can be your best friend right now. A career option needs careful consideration. Steady, steady wins the race. Try not to allow frustration to rule at this time, everything will eventually get sorted, only maybe not on your time frame. Take a step backwards and the answers will be clear.

Try not to allow others to rock your boat, you need to be in control. While things could be feeling a little flat, it is only in the short term. There are some incredible changes within this month, some you will need to accept. Not a time to dig up all the what ifs, take a chance and get with the program. Sometimes you simply need to get out of your own way, so that things can be out in the open.

Not, a good time to hold back, nothing is sorted if you are not willing to speak up and negotiate a plan to go forward. Make time to simply do nothing. Your need to care for and nurture others, now needs to be extended to include yourself. Yes, there may be a need for arrangements to be changed or adjusted, but all good. The time for contemplation, and sitting on the fence is done. Now, is the time to take action, make things count. Remember, procrastination is not your friend. Many things change, and not always in the way you would wish. Remember, every drama, carries its own reconciliation.

It is best to be open to listening, and allow options to surface, before jumping in boots and all. A weekend break could spark a touch of romance. While revisiting the past can be scary, it can also be enlightening. Stay open to making a few changes in the career area, it simply may need time. Planning around a large venture, needs to be set in motion, but, slowly step by step. Do not rush or you may miss stuff. Stay quietly in the background, and everything will fall into place.

You will get a positive feel about who you can and cannot trust.