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Saturn in Capricorn asks us to "Follow the Money" Jupiter in Scorpio shows that the truth is "Hidden in Plain Sight" Mars in Sagittarius shows the truth will be revealed And that cluster of planets in Pisces has that vibe that those answers when revealed will be much deeper than any of us may anticipate. What is really wild about this chart is many of the planets returning to the signs that they rule Neptune is at home in Pisces Saturn is super comfy now that it's back in Capricorn Jupiter is very close to it's home in Sagittarius and gets closer by the day These are the planets we need to keep an eye on because they are the ones that are laying out the groundwork for the future by exposing the misconceptions of the past.

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Perhaps the best way to 'Splain this energy goes like this In high school, the same teachers gave the same quizzes and tests to all of their classes So we'd find someone who had the class in first period, that would write down all the questions for us so that when we went in later we'd have all the right answers It was a good system for getting good grades, but we didn't learn anything that way Having the answers handed to us doesn't really teach us anything But when we search, research and find the answers on our own That is where true understanding comes from.

That's it for now I'll talk to you guys in the Daily Horoscopes Keep the Faith Ones who always looked older or more sophisticated than their friends.

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This is not to imply that you have some kind of. By taking the time to do things well, you will find that your life will be built upon a rock of security, and success will never fail you. On the way she gave us information, such as who was killed, where, and the description of the person, his appearance, his lifestyle, whom he had been hanging out with. During this lucky period you will certainly be learning new methods to maintain harmony and love with family members.

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Your love is one of feelings and emotions driven by the need for companionship, security, and comfort. Three types of ants, each with a different task to perform, live in an ant colony.

The zodiac refers to the twelve constellations that fall on the plane of the ecliptic the path the sun takes across the sky over the course of the year. In other words, it would tantamount to mean that in one transit cycle of 30 years, nothing good can be expected for 22 years.

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